Thursday, June 26, 2008

"bash: clear: command not found" --- clear not working on cygwin

Ok so you installed Cygwin and try out your first commands.... u cluttered ur screen and its time for doing a "clear".

Ooops... its giving you a "bash: clear: command not found". You just can't clear the dumb screen. I know thats frustrating....

So which dumb package did you miss when installing cygwin --- its the ncurses package. Open cygwin setup again and choose ncurses library from the "Lib" package. Once you've installed that, clear will start working.

If you are lazy enough and don't want to download stuff, just use "Ctrl+L" to clear your screen.

Keep clearing...

Setting up ssh server on cygwin

Here's a nice post I came up with when I was looking on how to set up ssh server up and running on my win box with Cygwin.

Setting up ssh server on cygwin

After setting up ssh server and starting it, use putty to connect to ur own localhost. It feels much better using putty than cmd.exe to use the shell. cmd sux !!